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    For a large number of people, their wedding day has to be the most beautiful day of their lives. It has to be the happiest and the most cheerful day of all. Due to this, being a wedding MC might prove to be the hardest job on earth as you are given the responsibility of making sure that there is not a single boring moment in the whole ceremony! Making sure that the guests remain entertained and keep laughing all throughout the wedding might be a hard task to accomplish, but not anymore.

    The Wedding MC Jokebook is full of wedding jokes that are outrageously amusing and funny and will be able to help any MC, whether experienced or inexperienced, keep the guests laughing.

    The Wedding MC Jokebook has a total of 81 wedding jokes that are funny, tasteful and clean and is also contains a large number of one-liners that are suitable for all wedding receptions.

    The Wedding MC Jokebook is divided into five categories which are couples’ jokes, bride and groom jokes, wedding officials’ jokes, parents and grandparents jokes and general wedding jokes. These jokes will help you in lifting the mood of the guests, making announcements and even introducing wedding speakers.



    The Wedding MC Jokebook is a great help to wedding MCs, both experienced and inexperienced ones, as it gives them a chance to liven up the wedding and maintain an entertained audience throughout the ceremony. Nobody wants to attend a boring wedding.


    A number of the jokes in the Wedding MC Jokebook might be offensive to a number of people and there is no way of telling who will and who will not be offended by the jokes.



    Customer Reviews

    The Wedding MC Jokebook has actually helped a number of wedding Mcs and they have given the following feedback:


    “I'd like to say thanks again for your book. At a time where I didn't know where to begin, your book gave me a thorough plan of action, great tips and advice. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is given the opportunity to speak at a wedding,” is the report from Alex Tayco from Saskatchewan in Canada.


    David Garretty from New South Wales in Australia reports that “The advice on opening with a joke was great. The audience knew every time I stood up I was going to say something funny. The telegrams were all a huge hit, everybody commented on how good it was…very pleased I got the advice.”



    Bottom Line:

    The Wedding MC Jokebook is the best joke book yet. It really does it for the wedding MCs and helps them to maintain a jolly mood throughout the wedding ceremony which is not such an easy task to accomplish due to the complex nature of human beings and the differences between people.

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